Ecological tourism essay

Ecological tourism consists of traveling to places where the traveler can admire and recreate with nature, flora, fauna and study, enjoy and interact with both these natural elements and the human culture of the place. This tourist trend promotes a conservationist activity of the National Patrimony of the Towns.

Information on the deterioration of the environment and the growing number of plant and animal species in danger of extinction has aroused the interest of visiting areas where in addition to enjoying the beauty of the place, it is possible to come into contact with the natural environment and The local living culture.

Ecological tourism is an approach in which sustainability, preservation, appreciation of the environment (both natural and cultural) that welcomes and sensitizes travelers is favored. Seven steps should be followed both for those operating and receiving services:

Minimize the negative impacts to the environment and the community generated by the activity

Build respect and environmental and cultural awareness

Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

Provide direct financial benefits for conservation

Provide financial benefits and strengthen participation in local community decision-making
Create sensitivity to the political, environmental and social climate of host countries
Support universal human rights and labor laws.

This tourism has to foment each community before the arrival of the visitors, with respect to the preservation of the culture, the tourist has to be informed, or to be informed, about the customs of the community to respect them. This tourism involves integrating the tourist in the community, performing integrative activities, such as participation in certain events without producing changes in them.

Cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage must be respected and preserved for future generations. The idea is that the visitor is an observer of the nature and social life of the places they visit.

People would learn to value the cultural importance of these places and to appreciate traditional music so as not to influence their customs. They would also be aware that places are in danger from erosion.

The problem that can be found with ecological tourism is the environmental impact since many people do not care much this what they want is to make a profit without caring if they affect the environment. For this you have to develop tourist programs that have to be controlled.

This tourism constitutes the optional ecological product of market before the failure of the planning that on the centers of tourist development was carried out, that with the goal of obtaining economic advantages and without predetermining it overseer the alteration of the natural and cultural environments in which Large hotel, restaurant and transportation consortium were built. This tourism modality responds to the logic of the “business” industry. Companies, such as hotels or tourism development agents, can collaborate on visitor information by handing out pamphlets, so to speak, specifying the care and precautions the traveler has to take into account to help preserve the environment natural. National, regional and local authorities have to encourage the saving of the scarce natural resources, such as energy and water. Likewise, they must encourage the reduction of garbage production.

We can improve the world and prevent its destruction and this can be achieved if we do not spread awareness in the traditional tourism industry, and this includes not only visitors, but the authorities and companies and tourism development agents.

Ecological tourism has become very fashionable, especially by ordinary travelers, this type of activities allows us to enjoy nature to the fullest, causing an almost zero environmental impact, in addition is related to adventure, so bring more attention.

In this type of tourism as mentioned the problem that has is the environmental impact that can help tourists to preserve the place that is visited giving them talks or handing out leaflets, not throw litter among other things.